Rosebrook is located within a trade area with a year-round population or approximately 150,000, and which nearly doubles in the summertime.

Not captured in the demographic data below is the 5.23 million tourists who visit Cape Cod annually, most of whom arrive via Route 25 where, on a hot summer afternoon, visitors from throughout New England sit in traffic waiting to cross the Bourne Bridge, just after they pass the Rosebrook site.

Regional Demographics

1-4 Miles (Tables)

3-5-7 Miles (Tables)

3-5-7 Miles (Map)

10-15-20 Miles (Tables)

10-15-20 Miles (Map)

Drive Time Demographics

5-7-9 Miles (Tables)

5-7-9 (Map)

10-15-20 Miles (Tables)

10-15-20 Miles (Map)



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